Many companies that have B2B business model have experienced difficulties in outsourcing marketing services. The most obvious partners – general advertising agencies – are very often focused on providing solutions that are fit for B2C business models but fail to solve the issues that B2B oriented companies face in their daily work. Mass media advertising and mass marketing are often inefficient and inappropriate methods for supporting B2B sales and even brand building. Even though, the B2B marketing concepts are usually based on the very same principles as B2C marketing since the decision makers are still human. On the other hand B2B marketing has different approach in tactical level since the target market is much more precisely defined than in the case of mass marketing.

Several our clients have hired Target One to help to set up a B2B marketing framework that fits with their sales management system and is sustainable considered the available human and financial resources. We have also helped to position brands in B2B area and composed brand strategies that support the business strategy.