About Target One


Our job is to improve our clients’ business results by choosing the appropriate focuses and providing a clear and systematic path to the solution. We work together with the client from planning to implementation. Target One’s consultants have diverse experience in helping different organizations to improve their performance throughout the customer lifecycle: acquisition, building relations and retention.

How we tackle client’s challenges

Our consulting methods are unique and peculiar in the industry. Their corner stone lies in our consultants becoming temporarily members of client’s organization and remaining there as long as the challenge persists. Our consultants are equal to client’s team members and we take clear responsibility for reaching the resolution. It’s as if the client and we work in the same organization for the consulting period. Our consulting principles are Read more.

Clear and simple project organization. Already upon the commencement of the project, we agree on who is involved and how does the decision making process look like

We participate on equal grounds to your team members. We will not discover your business from a distance as bystanders. Instead, we engage in full commitment of learning your business inside-out and become your team members until the desired resolution is reached

We will remain with you as long as the need persists. We believe, that the only way to reach quality delivery is for us to be present until you are convinced that the solution implementation is progressing according to plan. In general, we remain with you until the detailed implementation plan is set-up; however, if you so desire, we will remain through diverse stages of the implementation

We are efficient. Based on years of experience we are capable of precise workload and project phase assessment and set-up prior to the kick-off. This assures minimal communication noise within the organization, which in turn eliminates the need for non-value adding and low-efficiency

We assure smooth internal decision making. If we decide to engage in resolving your challenge, we are confident that we can assure smooth and timely internal decision making. Our only prerequisite is that you trust our methodology and agree to work with us through the process. If given condition is met, we guarantee that your internal decision making is an exceptional success