Target One Expands Its Network of Experts to Iceland

We are happy to announce that Target One has a new member in its team of area experts. Dr. Fridrik Larsen from Iceland, who is an expert on branding and retail marketing and has specialized in branding of energy companies, has joined us recently.

Dr. Fridrik Larsen is the director of Larsen Energy Branding (,  a consultancy agency that assists electricity retailers to brand their products or their companies.  Larsen Energy Branding customers include a broad spectrum of the Icelandic energy companies along with an array of international clients.

Dr. Larsen is also an assistant professor of Business Administration at the University of Iceland, School of Business where he teaches branding. His main research focus is electricity branding and he has published a number of academic papers on the subject.  Furthermore, Dr. Larsen is the chairman of IMARK – the Icelandic Marketing Association. IMARK is responsible for all major functions of the Icelandic marketing arena, including the following: selecting the best yearly marketing company, selecting the outstanding marketing person of the year, and electing the best advertisements in all major sectors.