Wolf Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and wholesalers of construction chemistry products and materials. Wolf Group’s products are marketed mainly under the Penosil, Olivé and Tempsi brands, but also under private labels by many world-known brands.

With production focused background Would Group had gained exceptional success in increasing their market share and grown its organization very fast without a systematic approach to client relationship management. The management of Wolf Group hired Target One to fulfill the following task. Firstly, Wolf Group was interested in motivating retailers to grant maximum amount of shelf space for Wolf Group’s products. Secondly, the client wanted to find effective and relevant approach to increasing brand loyalty among professional end user of Wolf Group products.


Target One tackled the quite complex task by introducing a 5 stage pilot project based on the East-European markets, including the the Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The five stages were as follows:

(1) Gathering relevant information from all markets involved in the pilot project;

(2) Data analyzes and creation of preliminary segmentation and loyalty scheme concept versions;

(3) Evaluation of attractiveness of the preliminary versions together with retailers from all markets;

(4) Decision making – choosing he most optimum and appropriate loyalty scheme concept;

(5) Planning the implementation.


  • A new segmentation model was established prioritizing two key segments to whom Wolf Group decided to target its loyalty building efforts.

  • Two separate international loyalty concepts were developed and implemented for the key segments. Chosen business partners were given an opportunity to join the loyalty system called Wolf Club.

  • Another concept – The Masters’ Club – was developed and introduced to the professional end users segment in various markets.