Baltic Property Trust (BPT), one of the leading real estate investment managers in the Baltic and Scandinavian region, had reached the point in its development where the business width had outgrown the brand. BPT was founded in Denmark as a specialized asset management company focused on the Baltic business real estate markets. Now the group’s geographic reach is much wider and it has also become the largest business real estate management services provider in the Baltics. The company decided to separate the asset management and real estate management operations by different brands in order to ensure clearer and more efficient communication towards all stakeholders.


Target One worked separately with managements of both the asset management and real estate management arms to find the common values and differentiating factors of each business. We described value propositions for both business lines, positioned both brands and helped the management teams to draw up two brand strategies. As a result, the BPT brand (www.bptre.com) was retained for the real estate management services business line and a new Northern Horizon Capital brand (www.nh-cap.com) was created for the asset management business line. We also composed the task based on the agreed value proposition and brand positioning for a creative agency to develop the logo and corporate visual identity for the Northern Horizon Capital brand.


  • Two brand strategies that set the framework for managing both brands based on the idiosyncrasies of each business line and the value propositions targeted to their key client groups.

  • Creation of a new Northern Horizon Capital brand for the asset management business line, which is targeted to the professional European investors.

  • Smooth brand splitting process to support the new business strategy of the group.